Participant FAQ

Do I have to come with a team? 

No. During the first evening there will be time to mix and mingle with other participants and create teams during that time. You are welcome to form your team before hand but it is not necessary. 

Do I need to know how to program/code?

No. While the word "hackathon" was originally used to refer to intensive programming focused events, its use has expanded to encompass any gathering in which creative, motivated, and determined people brainstorm and formulate interesting solutions, ideas, and/or products. 

How do the sponsor challenges come into play? 

Clean Earth Hackathon has partnered with outside companies, governments, and academic departments and asked them to submit sustainability focused challenges and problems that they feel are important barriers their respective industries face in reducing their environmental impact. As a participant in our hackathon you will choose one of the challenges to work. The apporach and solution that your team comes up with is up to you. The challenges are meant to provide teams with access to real-world problems and guidance from industry experts. This will also give you greater opportunity of following up on your idea after the hackathon, and we will present some of the avaialble resources and options to do so during the hackathon as well. 

Must I be an MIT student? 

All beavers and non-beavers allowed! Clean Earth Hackathon will be open to all Boston area (or further if you want to travel in - though sadly we can't fund travel expenses) students (undergrad and grad) as well as young professionals that are interested in solving environmental problems. 

Will there be food? 

Yes! We will provide plenty of delicious, nutritious food to keep you going throughout the event.

Can I stay hacking overnight? 

MIT policies do not allow overnight hacks. Please refer to our full event schedule for more details regarding times in which building access will be restricited. Our judges understand that final presentations are based on a limited amout of time for work and projects will be judged accordingly. We love your enthusiasm and perseverance; but we also do not wish you do compromise your health or well-being, sleep is important! 

How much does it cost? 

Zilch! It's free. We do ask however, that if you sign up and later realize than you cannot make it (terrible decision by the way) please let us know, so that we can have an accurate estimate of participants - mainly to make sure everyone has enough delicious food without generating a lot of waste (not very enviromentally friendly to waste food is it? Compost or no compost). 

Alright, I'm there! How do I sign up? 

Please fill out our registration form here
You should also follow us on Facebok and Twitter for regular updates.

What is the registration deadline? 

Registration deadline is April 1, 2015 (yes, seriously :-p), we have limited capacity though (budgets and fire codes and all) so don't diddle daddle! Past our registration deadline we will continue to accept applications but you will be placed on waiting list and notified as soon as possible if you have been accepted.